DIY: Fringe Clutch

Its been so long since my last post! I have been very busy the entire July plus I also encountered camera troubles during the diy so pardon the poor photos!

I came across this diy fringe clutch from teenvogue.com and decided it would be the perfect diy for the fringe trend. I am not not a clutch person since I can be clumsy and forgetful at times but I am open to trying out new things (one of my goals for 2012). Teenvogue used multi-colored fringes on a black clutch but I decided to stick to a monochrome tone in orange. Check out steps below!   

1. Plain clutch
2. 3 meters of fringe (depends on the size of your clutch)
3. Glue gun
4. Super glue
5. Ruler
6. Scissors  
7. Marker

1. Lay out the fringe on the clutch and measure out the spacing you want for each line. Mine measured  about 1.7 inches. Place markings on each spacing.

2. Use a ruler to draw horizontal lines. (The small lines on the right were mistakes in measurement :P)

3. If you have never used fringes before like me, you will find out that once you cut the fringe, it will immediately fray. Make sure to secure the edges of the fringe by gluing a piece over to the back with super glue. This will prevent the fringe from fraying.


4. Start from the bottom. Place hot glue on the fringe and paste onto the horizontal lines. Make sure to do this by parts or else the glue will not stick.

5. Continue until you have completed each line :)

Throw on a colorful bohemian outfit with your diy fringe clutch :)

You can use this trend on shirts, dresses, bags or shoes! Just be creative and enjoy making it :)


  1. Hi! I'm new on your blog and I love it! Following you! Please write more often :) Check out my DIYs also

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  2. Hi Verdrana! Thanks for the comment :) Im new to blogging too. Will follow your blog too :D