Here are some of the stuff I asked my relatives to buy from abroad (US and Hong Kong). In Hokkien, the favor is known as "ta bwe or kia bwe" and in Tagalog its "pabili". I don't think there is an english translation for this but if there is, let me know :) I had $50 as birthday money given to me over a year ago and I finally decided to use it on..what else, make up! :)

I rarely purchase MAC items in the Philippines since it is always more expensive compared to the ones abroad. So I decided to get myself MAC lipstick in Cremesheen Creme Cup and the Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Plus. Most of my lipsticks are in dark shades so the Creme Cup is breath of fresh air in my lipstick collection. As for the Mineralize Skinfinish, I have one but in a darker shade which doesn't suit my skin tone thus I got myself in a shade lighter (Light Plus).

Creme Cup and Skinfinish in Light Plus
 I've been reading plenty of reviews on the Wet and Wild Eyeshadow palettes being very pigmented and affordable so I added it to my list. I wanted the 8 pc eyeshadow palette but my Aunty couldn't find any so she got me the 6 pc instead in Vanity (left) and Pride (right). Each palette has 3 matte and 3 shimmery shades in the same color tone. I have been using Vanity almost everyday for work. I believe the palette is a great starter kit for eyeshadow applications. The pigmentation is enough to achieve a neutral look.

           Wet and Wild in Vanity (right) and Pride (left)                   

 I also got the Ecotool Bronzer brush and the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet. I am a fan of Ecotools and I actually have the 5 pc set. I love how soft and fluffy the bronzer brush is. I use this to apply my Mineralize Skinfinish. The Red Carpet nail polish is a red glittery polish that reminds me of Dorothy's red ruby shoes. I have always stayed away from glittery nail polishes since its so hard to remove. Now I decided to give it a try, plus I am making this my holiday nail color :)

Ecotools Bronzer Brush and Red Carpet nail polish

Lastly, I ordered the Liese bubble hair dye in Platinum Beige. This came from Hong Kong and costs about HK$79. I can't wait to try this color! I need a new haircut before I use this so that I will have a new look for the new year...or maybe by Christmas! I have used and applied Etude's bubble dye on my own before and the color appeared lighter on the top of my head compared to the end (Booo). I need to ask someone to help me dye my hair this time.
Liese bubble dye in Platinum Beige
 Platinum Beige sounds scary! Sort of like Platinum Blonde but according to the box, dark hairs will appear as below.
Ohh so many new goodies! :D I want to go shopping for Christmas already!


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