Photo Light Box

Photo Light Box P880

I have been frustrated with the way my pictures are turning out for this blog. I've been researching on photography techniques to improve my photos and I came across the photo light box. A photo light box is used for product photography of small items such as jewelry. It is used for close-up photos to capture the details of the product. The light box allows light to be diffused and creates a shadow less background with minimized reflections and glares. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make your own photo light box but since I don't have the time to make one I decided to get one at CD-R-KING. If you are from Manila, CD-R-KING is a store that sells media and technology products at an affordable price. Majority of the products are generic and made in China. I got this light box for only P880 and I think this will go a long way since I am planning to launch an online store in the future. There are two kinds of light box available at CD-R-KING, both selling at the same price but I chose this one since it is much bigger. 
Portable and easily stored away

What I like about this is its portability. It can be easily be folded and stored after every use. If I built myself one, it would just sit around in my already cluttered room and gather dust. Dust may easily be picked up n macro photography so that is a definite no no. It even comes with four background colors: black, white, blue and red. 

All corners of the light box are seamed with Velcro, making it easy to attach and detach the sides. The background is also attached using a Velcro. See how convenient it is? The only thing I am lacking is lamps. Lamps are placed at both sides of the light box. You can even place a lamp on top but most tutorials mention that two are enough. My list of things to buy keeps growing longer, I still have to get myself an eye primer to test out my eyeshadows, lamps and Christmas gifts!  


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