DIY: Rosary Bracelets (Pulseras Decenarios)

Since October is coming up, I decided to make a DIY related to the rosary month, Rosary Bracelets or aka Pulseras Decenarios. These pulseras decenarios are very easy to make and the materials can be found at any ribbon or craft store. The bracelets are said to bring luck and each color symbolizes a certain trait/meaning. Some colors and meanings below:

White: Friendship, Purity;
Green: Health, Ambition, Go-Getter;
Yellow: Energy, Increase Creativity;
Red: Love, Passion, Courage;
Pink: Consolation, Romance;
Brown: Concentration, Stability, Strength ;
Orange: Success, Attraction, Happiness;
Light Blue: Reconciliation, Health, Tranquility;
Dark Blue: (Self) Confidence, Knowledge;
Purple: Inner Strength, Control, Luxury


Pulseras Decenarios are  worn by celebrities such as Shakira and has become a fashion statement as well.  I love how colorful they are and how you can stack it up and mix and match it with other bracelets. I have been loving the arm party trend and if you follow me on instagram (@jteng), you will see that I post a lot of my arm candy :)   

For this diy, I decided to make a video tutorial since it is easier to teach this way. I have poor video editing skills and some parts lack focus, so pardon the video!  I hope to improve my skills as I continue. Check out the video tutorial below!

Music credits to HAYDENMUSICTV (youtube)
Song: R&B/Pop Instrumental Beat

I am not sure if the music really fits the tutorial but I chose this for its upbeat music heee.

If you do try this out, let me know! :)


  1. they look so cute and fun, makes me want to bring out the crafty person in me. also, i'm really loving the layout of your blog
    and the details on your sidebars too!

    Regards from The Certified Latebloomer

  2. Hi Arya! Thanks for stopping by and why don't you try making one? :) Oh thanks for liking my layout, I am quite new blogging and I have little html skills hehehe :)