Korean Bbq @ Makchang


With the Korean wave in Manila, Korean BBQ restaurants have also been sprouting everywhere. Most of which are small restaurants owned by Koreans themselves, so expect authentic Korean cuisine! Among the Korean BBQ restaurants that I've tried, Makchang would be the best and worth every peso. I have tried Korean BBQ in Korea and it was very expensive, apparently, meat is expensive in Korea. One order of meat was around P1,200 pesos whereas here you can order one for as low as P250. A very big price difference but with the same satisfying taste. Makchang is located right across the street from Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Place Manila. It is a small somewhat dingy place similar as to what you see on Korean dramas. 

Fire up the coals for my meal! 

The menu is simple,  consisting of only 11 dishes and is posted on the wall. I ordered my favorite, Pork Galbi since its soft and juicy even without the fats.

 Burning coals


Unlimited servings of banchan (appetizers) includes kimchi, leek kimchi, garlic and ssam jang (bean paste). One of the reasons why I love this place is the leek kimchi! Its soo good and I always have this refilled. This is the only place  I know that serves this. Their kimchi is also a thumbs up! Its fresh, slightly crunchy and the sweet-sour fermentation taste is balanced perfectly. Other Korean restaurants serve kimchi that tastes like paper and is usually overpowering.  

Servings of very fresh green lettuce and mint leaves, strips of sweet potato and rice, which is an additional side order. I was opting to abstain from rice, but I could not resist having rice with this meal!

A steaming hot bowl of vegetable soup is also part of the banchan.

Begin the lettuce wrap by dipping a slice of galbi in ssam jang

Add kimchi and leek kimchi

Wrap and place the entire the lettuce in your mouth. I am not sure if this is the correct way of eating Korean Bbq but this is the way I eat mine. Sometimes I will have galbi and rice or add rice into the wrap.

After eating and paying the bill, the waiter will serve you a doublemint gum to get rid of bad breath.

The gum is not enough though, I can usually still taste the kimchi in my throat but nevertheless I  always come back for more :)

Makchang Restaurant
Right across from Robinsons Department Store Manila,
Take the exit on the first level from the Health and Beauty Department   


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