Munching at Mad Mark's

It was a holiday last Monday so me and my friends decided to try Mad Mark's, a MAN sandwich place offering homemade ice cream as well. It is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant along Kapitolyo, right beside Thai Dara. I am a big fan of cheese steak type of sandwiches and there are not a lot of places offering this, plus they have homemade ice cream in flavors such as Dark Roast Sumatra and Javan Hot Chocolate!

The interiors are simple in a red, black and white color palette. Menu comprises of MAN sandwiches, fries, pastas and main entrees such as chicken wings and fillets fillets. Photos below are considered as bestsellers and what filled our bellies. 

Lumberjack MAN sandwich (P290):
Succulent Angus Beef grilled with Fresh Mushrooms served with Bell Pepper, Caramelized Onion and Mozarella 
This is also available in a smaller serving, you can order the just sandwich version you prefer.
I love how generous the fillings were, the beef, onions and cheese fall out after each bite. The Angus beef was tender, tasty and slightly peppery. I would have preferred for the bread to be more toasty though so you get a "crunchy" bite.  

Basket of Herb Parmesian Fries (P160):
Fries served Tuscan Style with selected herbs and parmesan.
Cajun fries served with a pesto herb sauce topped with lots of REAL Parmesan cheese! The Parmesan cheese was generously served but the herb was much less. Nonetheless, its still fries! 

 Now onto my favorite meal, dessert!
It was difficult to decide which flavors to choose but ended up ordering Half-baked Magadascar, Magadascar Vanilla Bean with half-baked cookie dough and Javan Hot Chocolate, Deep, rounded chocolate flavor attributed to the Cocoa grown in Java. Two scoops of ice cream cost P98. The Half-baked Magadascar was so-so and I would have preferred for the cookie dough to be chewy since it tasted more like cookie pieces but I love the Javan Hot Chocolate! Its rich and bittersweet with an aftertaste that makes you crave for more. Other interesting flavors available are Banana Foster, Cavendish Chip, Apple and Saigon Cinnamon and Salted Sumatra. Definitely a must try for ice cream lovers! <3

If you are starving for something big and meaty, head over to Mad Mark's for reasonably priced MAN sandwiches and ice creams.

Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts
23 East Capitolyo Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 


  1. Hi!Thanks for your visit to my blog.This is near our place but oddly enough we never got to visit this.Now after reading your review, we will definitely try this out. :)

  2. Hi Jeanie! Thanks and you should definitely try this out :)