The Last Week of August

I think I will make this Instagram compilation post a month-end sort of thing, just to keep posts coming in and to remember how I spent the month. I can't believe its the end of August already and the BER months are nearing! I will try to post one more DIY before the month ends. I am SO not meeting my monthly post quotas..

Just a quick run through the photos, from upper left to right. 
1. Treated my friends to macaroons from a bakery (raspberry, mocha and pistachio) / 2. Checked out the new mall, Robinsons Magnolia with my friend and we happened to be wearing the same color palettes / 3. Finally tried out the new ice cream parlor, Swensens. I had a macademia parfait. / 4. Testing my new camera with my favorite model, my dog Max. / 5. Photo of my 6-month old niece, wearing the DIY Hello Kitty hairbands we made for her shower / 6. Shopping hauls~bird printed chiffon top and mint green jeans. / 7. Double Taro Anmitsu from Kozui Green Tea / 8. Ice cream from Selecta / 9. Another photo of Max, since he was in a photoshoot mood.

If you haven't noticed yet, my favorite dessert is ice cream! <3

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