DIY : Collar Tips

Collar Tips are a fashion trend right now and I will show you my own DIY version below.

1. Earrings (studded type)
2. Pliers
3. Chains

1. Measure the chains against a collared shirt and create a "U" shape.
2. Use a file clip to mark where you want to cut the chains. The length of my chains measure to about 8 inches. 
3. Use your pliers to remove the excess chains. 
4. Insert each end of the chains through the back of the earrings.
    Optional : You can use super glue to attach the chains to the back of the earrings, I didn't use it here since my earrings did not enough space to hold the glue.  
5.-6. Attach the hooks onto the earrings and wear your DIY collar tips creation :) 

                Are you also loving the Collar Tips Trend?


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