Hong Kong Hauls

Here are some of my hauls from Hong Kong, which I separated into Beauty, hair, skin care and makeup. And the last few photos are bags purchased from a bazaar.

Here is my entire beauty haul (above photo) from stores such as Sasa, Bonjour, Mannings and Colormix which are located at Causeway bay and Jusco at Mongkok. I thought I would have ended up getting more items but I was really able to stop myself from grabbing everything I see and stuck with the things I need. It was really overwhelming to shop at these stores! There's just so much to try out :D Also, I noticed that the prices of the items are different at each store, so it is best to check out the prices before purchasing.

HAIR HAUL: (From left to right)
Liese Bubble Dye in Chiffon Beige and Sweet Apricot (Mannings)
Tsubaki Water (Only HKD79 at Mannings vs Sasa HKD99)
Tsubaki Treatment (Mannings)
Aquair Deep Moist Treatment (Mannings)
Hair clips velcros (Sasa)

SKINCARE HAUL: (From left to right)
Cherry and Strawberry Masks in packs of 10 (Sasa)
Hada Labo Vitamin C Essence (Sasa)
Biore Cleansing Oil (Mannings)
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (Only HKD240 at Bonjour vs HKD300+ at Sasa)
DHC Lash Serum (Mannings)

MAKEUP HAUL: (From left to right)
Eyelash case (Jusco)
Dolly Wink Mascara (Sasa)
Liole Mascara (Sasa)
Eyebrow Mascara in brown (Sasa)
Eyeliner pencil in brown (Sasa)
MAC Fluidline in Dipdown (Sogo)
MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (Sogo)
MAC Eyeliner Brush (Airport)
EOS Lipbalms (Colormix)

Aside from beauty hauls, I also bought myself new bags! All of the bags were purchased at Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay. I actually got myself only 3 bags but I will also show you the ones I got for my mom and sister. I have been looking for a brown satchel backpack for the longest time! I was about to buy a black one from Timesquare that was more expensive and its a good thing I didn't get it since I found the perfect one at a better price (HKD150) ! The one on the right is a simple beige sling bag with boho cut-out details. I love sling bags and I usually it on the weekends since its light to carry around and hands-free. This was only HKD130.

Animal printed totes for my mom (left) and sister (right). I really loved the taupe color and I thought it would suit my mom but it seemed like she liked the one for my sister instead. The totes kinda resemble a Phillip Lim bag eh?

I was debating whether to get this simple black and gold tote or not and finally gave in at the last moment. This was the priciest among all the bags I purchased but it was kind of worth it since the material is of good quality. 

Phew! Finally done with my travel series! Only a few days left for October and I still want to post a DIY entry before the month ends! I will try my best to squeeze it for Halloween! :D


  1. I wowed at your haul! Everything you got is so nice and dainty! :) My parents went to HK too and all they brought home are snacks. Haha!

  2. Thanks Helen! Hong Kong is a shopping haven :D I love their snacks too heeehee :))