DIY: Skull Cut-Out

I saw this exact top at H&M HK on sale, but even if it was on sale, I still did not buy it. Why buy if you can make one for free?? For this DIY, I used my brother's old shirt which had a rock n roll skull print in the front. All other materials needed are scissors, marker/chalk and a skull print-out. I had to shoot this indoors since its been raining for days here in Manila.

1. Grab an old shirt, if its a big shirt, then follow the steps below. If you already have a tank ready, skip the 3 steps below. Get your scissors, skulls print-out and fabric marker/chalk ready.

2. Lay down the shirt flat on a surface and make sure that the sides are on the seams. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt. I would suggest to cut a few inches below the sleeve so you don't end up with a large sleeve hole. It is best to try on the shirt after cutting the sleeves off so you can adjust it accordingly to your liking.  

3. Fold your shirt halfway vertically. Cut off the neckline, again, just keep it a few inches below the seam. You can always cut more when you need to but once you cut too much off, its harder to fix it. 

4. Cut off the bottom of the shirt to shorten the length.

5. Place the back of the shirt flat on a surface. Get your marker and begin to draw the cut-outs of the skull using the sample as a guide. Don't worry if you cannot draw, what's great about this DIY is that it does not have to look perfect. I am very poor at drawing myself so I'm sure you can do it.      

6. Once you have your drawings, you are ready to CUT!

7. I started with the eye area and made adjustments with the cut-outs as I go along.   

8. Once you have all the cut-outs, it will turn out something like this.

You have the option of wearing it alone with a bra only but I am quite conservative so I would wear mine with a lace camisole under, still keeping a hint of skin! :P


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