DIY: Aztec Shorts

Since I love prints and colors, aztec prints are perfect for me! Here is an idea to update an old pair of denim short! 

1. Choose a fabric of your choice, preferably with a thick texture for better support

2. Measure out the fabric onto the parts where you want to place the print. I placed mine on the right leg, top left pocket and right back pocket. Make sure to leave an extra inch to sew the hem.

3. Pin the printed fabric to the shorts using dress pins.

4. Sew using a machine or hand stitch. I had to hand stitch some of the areas, particularly the pocket area and the zipper line. Then, you should get something like this!

5. Pair with a simple tee :)

I apologize for the extremely late post! I have been wanting to share DIY videos but something is wrong with my Windows Moviemaker and I can't seem to find a good video maker similar to it :/

Plus, I am thinking of giving my blog a makeover! Since this template has some errors to it.

It is summer now where I live, at 35 degrees Celsius! Crazy summer heat is making me very lazy!  

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