Leopard Nails

The inspiration for this plain and leopard printed nail art comes from Hanna, who is a character from the Pretty Little Liars TV series. I am fond of the styling and fashion in the show because it is both casual and youthful. Each character has her own sense of style and I find myself a mix of Spenser, Aria and Hanna. Hanna's style is trendy and sometimes over the top.  Below is a screenshot of her nails.

Hanna from Pretty Little Liar S2E17
 My version, a pink one!

A mix of plains and Leopard prints
Materials Needed:
and Water!
How to: 
1. Cut the nail stickers into individual pieces and set aside the ones to be used (alternate nails).
2. Use your tweezers to soak a piece of sticker in water for 5 seconds.
3. Peel off the sticker from the cardboard by gently sliding it.
4. Position the sticker by placing the rounded edge towards the base of your nail.
5. Cut off excess piece on top (does not have to fit the exact shape of the nail yet)
6. Apply a clear top coat 
7. After you apply the top coat, you will immediately notice the sticker to curve onto your nail, use the pusher to remove excess stickers by shaping the edges of your nail.
8. After doing this alternately, color the rest using a base coat, nail polish and top coat.

I was supposed to post a video together with this tutorial but my camera was not positioned correctly. I will try to do this on my next nail art. The nail art stickers are enough for both hands, using it alternately will only make you use half of it, making the other half available for another time :) I have a couple more stickers with different prints and I can't wait to try them out :)

I <3 Nail Art


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