DIY Materials

I visited my niece today for the first time out of the hospital and she is such a cutie! Babies are indeed a bundle of joy! :) She was crying the whole time and wanted to sleep so I didn't stay too long. Since I was in the area, I decided to pass by 168 mall/ Divisoria to shop for some DIY materials. 168 Mall is a mall full of small clustered stores that sells everything and anything. From clothes, bags, toys to nail arts and home decors. It is best to buy in bulk and to HAGGLE the price. Divisoria, on the other hand, sells mostly materials such as plastics, paper, sewing materials and many more.  Below are what I was able to grab.  

GEM BRADS - I was looking all over Divisoria for spikes and studs and apparently I was browsing at the wrong street. The only studs I could find were the plain silver circular ones. I didn't bother going to the correct street because it was so traffic with people! The other gems below are actually scrapbook-making materials and are called brads, my first time to encounter the term. I think it can be used on textile.  

Studs and Gem Brads
FABRIC TAPES - another first encounter for me. I never knew these existed. The only patterns available were polka dots, florals and checkers. I chose the ones that I think would be more versatile. I hope it sticks well, which means that I need to test this out.

Fabric Tapes
 HELLO KITTY ORGANIZER - I have to place my DIY materials somewhere right? Might as well place it somewhere cute :) I love the details, the furry eyes, ribbon and the Hello Kitty shaped compartment in the center <3

Hello Kitty Organizer

Hello Kitty Organizer
Tune in for upcoming DIYs :) Have a great weekend!


  1. hi! ask ko lang po. saan sa divi po kayo nakabili ng studs and gem brads? may spikes po ba? :) thanks!

  2. Hi Marie, you can check out Bagong Kaisahan, along Juan Luna Corner Reina Regente :) They have a lot of those items :) Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. hello! where did you buy those fabric tapes? I mean the exact location in Divisoria. thanks.

  4. Hi, you can check 168 mall, either pasilio A or G. I forgot which end but find the ones selling stationary :) Thanks for stopping by!