5 minute DIYS with Fabric Tapes

Many people assume that diys are time consuming but it does not necessarily have to. Bigger projects that need more work done are obviously more time consuming but for simple ones it can be done under 5 minutes. Here are two projects I made in less than 5 minutes using fabric tapes and scissors. 

I used the fabric tapes for two projects, one as borders for my cork board and the second to decorate file clips. Simply measure the sides, cut and stick on the borders. I replaced the string on top with leftover ribbons in polka dots print. 

Cork Board
I got the idea for the file clips from the Ashley's blog, but she used textile and mod podge for her diy. The outcome is the same except for the fabric tapes, there are ridges in between for larger file clips. For the red polka dots, I wrapped the tapes around the top curves of the clip to make it look complete.

File Clips wrapped in Polka Dot Printed Fabric Tapes

5 minute DIYS

See how you can transform things in just 5 minutes? Try it out for yourself :)


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