My Birthday Treat

I celebrated my birthday last week and decided to take a leave from work. How did I celebrate? By shopping of course! Im officially in my mid-20's! YIKES! and yet I still feel so unaccomplished and confused with my life. I got myself two chiffon blouses which I am loving right now :) The star printed top was a gift from my sister.

I love all the prints here! Leopard, polka dots and stars! I love how the mustard chiffon top is complemented with the polka dots, so retro! 
I also got some buttons for my DIY projects! Can't wait to get started on it!

Just an update, I finally bought a corkboard for my vision board. Took quite some time because I was looking for a larger one but I went to 4 branches already and they were all out. So I had to settle for this smaller one which measures about 15 X 23 inches. Oh so much to do!



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