DIY: Diaper Cake

Belated Happy Hearts Day everyone! How did you spend Valentines days? I spent mine at home heee. I just wanted to share how I made the Hello Kitty Diaper Cake for the baby shower. Diaper cakes are also known as Nappy cakes and are popular gifts for baby showers and baptismal. You can add any kind of baby items to the cake. I watched a couple of youtube videos  and created my own version below:

You will need the following materials:
1. Diapers - I used an entire pack of 44 pcs for all 3-levels
2. 4 Assorted Ribbons in different widths
3. Rubber Bands (big and small ones)
4. Baby Soap 
5. Baby Powder
6. Socks
7. Hairbands ( for boys you can add bibs) 
8. Cardboard (for base)
9. Japanese Paper
10. Tulle
11. Hello Kitty Doll 
12. Balloon (Optional)
Roll each diaper and secure with a rubberband. With the board ( I covered mine in pink japanese paper), form the base by placing the baby soap and powder in the center and create a circular structure around it using the diapers. Once you have formed the structure, secure the entire base with a rubberband.  
I covered the entire base in a tulle just to make it more secured . Add different ribbons around the cake. Use different widths and colors to add contrast. You can also add print-outs like what I did. Just add the next 2 layers and do the same. You can decorate the base with more japanese paper.
I decorated the second level with socks, hairband and more print outs.  Get creative by decorating with other baby items such as bibs, pacifiers or bottles.
Add the doll to the top of the cake, I could not find a cute doll so I used a  pillow instead (still works!). I added a balloon to the top just to make it complete but this is optional. The doll is enough as a topper to the cake.
See how easy and simple it is? It will probably cost you P1000 to buy one but making it costs so much less! Plus its fun too :)


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