DIY: Bleached Ombre Shorts

Here is one of my DIYs for the Ombre trend, Bleached Ombre Shorts ( I have another DIY in mind that I hope to do this month). I have been seeing a lot these shorts at F21 and they cost about P700-900 which is way above my budget for a pair of trendy shorts. Luckily I found this old pair at the back of my closet while cleaning out stuff for the garage sale. It was perfect for this DIY! See steps below:

1. Old denim shorts
2. Bleach
3. Basin
4. Gloves
5. Laundry soap
 Please WEAR GLOVES FOR SAFETY! Don't be like me who was too excited to not find a pair of gloves. Don't worry though, I made sure that I did not touch the bleach with my bare hands. First step is to pour bleach into your basin, best to use white or transparent ones so that the basin doesn't get bleached as well. I poured about a cup full of pure bleach since I wanted a light to dark ombre effect. You can also use a half bleach, half water ratio for a less bleached effect. Next, dip the end of the shorts onto the bleach for about 3-5 minutes or depending on your desired effect. The smell of bleach is really strong, similar to chlorine so it is best to do this outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. 
 After dipping in bleach, check the shorts to see whether you are getting the desired ombre effect. I wanted the ombre effect to reach the zipper line so I dipped that area for about 2 minutes, this created the gradient effect. Bleach can destroy your fabric, be sure to do this by area/parts and to keep checking the garment.
 Don't forget to check the back side as well if you have achieved the desired ombre effect. RINSE, RINSE, RINSE out with water, the three text rinses means to rinse out the bleach three times! I hung my shorts to semi-dry before washing with laundry soap. Again, the smell of bleach is quite strong so wash the shorts with laundry soap twice when needed.

TADA! Wear your bleached ombre shorts out! I think these would look great with cropped tops :)

PS. I finally changed my template into something more presentable LOL. It still needs a couple of changes here and there, learning and reading html/css takes so much time especially when self-taught!

Will you DIY your own pair of bleached ombre?


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