DIY FEATURE: Spike Leggings

I just wanted to share a DIY made by cousin, spike leggings. I would describe her style as rocker-chic since she is always wearing black, spikes and boots. This is a simple and quick way to revamp your old black leggings. All you need are spikes, black leggings, needle and thread.    

My cousin used a silver spike bracelet (plastic), cut it apart and sewn it onto the sides of the leggings. Spikes made out of plastic are advised since leggings are light-weight materials.
Here is an up-close photo.

I have actually seen these leggings being sold at stores and it would be a way cheaper alternative to create your own! I have also seen leggings with spikes on the knees, which seems dangerous to me. Imagine tripping and falling to your knees while wearing it :O but if its made of plastic,  I am guessing it would not hurt :P


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