DIY: Ribbon and Chain Multi-strand bracelet

If you have been browsing around other DIY blogs, you may have seen this bracelet already but what makes it different here is that I used ribbons instead of leather cords. Using ribbons allows you to use brighter and bolder colors. See steps below!

1. Super glue
2. 2 jumps and 1 clasp
3. File clip
4. Chains (19.5 inches or any length that will wrap around your wrist 3x) 
5. Ribbons (width of ribbon will depend on your chain, I think mine is 1/8 inch)
6. Pliers

1. Attach the jumps and clasp at each end of the chain.
2. String the ribbon (the length of my ribbon measures about 2 1/2 times the length of the chain) into the first chain and tie 2 knots. Leave the other end of the ribbon hanging, this will later be cut off and glued.
3. String the ribbon onto the next chain, making sure that the ribbon goes over chain and is inserted into the hole. Once you get it through, make sure the ribbon is tight against the chain before moving on to the next. Also, make sure that you string the ribbon in one direction (lol ONE DIRECTION <3) so be sure to check the back side to avoid any ribbons from flipping.
4. As you continue stringing the ribbon, use a file clip so that the bracelet does not move around.
5.  Tie 2 knots once you reach the end
6. Cut the remaining ribbons left and glue to chain.

These bracelets are best when worn when stacked and can also double as a necklace as well. You can use different chain colors such as gold, bronze, black or silver to mix and match with ribbon colors. 

Get creative :)


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