Hong Kong ( 2 of 3 parts)


The second day of our trip was spent at Ocean Park! The photo above is one of my favorite since the challenge zone or carnival area is such a happy and colorful place :D

 A complete photo of all 10 of us!! We are a bunch of kids at heart <3 That's me on the far left wearing stripes, I am too shy to post photos of myself in my blog..maybe I'll have more confidence in the future.

Cable cars were unavailable that day due to an event.

Panda village, where my brother lives hahahaha since he lovesss pandas!

Rickshaw displays at Old Hong Kong.

The Challenge Zone. I wanted to win that red dragon very badly! I wanted to win it for my niece since she is born in the year of the dragon and loves anything red. My brother and I spent a couple of hundreds in attempts to win it but failed! T__T For this game, you have to throw plastic balls into the holes of the grids, with each colored hole pertaining to certain points. IT WAS HARD.

The Souvenir display. I could not resist leaving without taking one with me! Scroll down to find out what I brought home with me.  

 We had lunch across the Challenge Zone. Footlong Hotdog, crisscut fries and Fanta! *burrppp*

The Ocean Theater show! Dolphins are one my favorite animals ever since I was young! I am still waiting for the day that I get to touch their skin. I wonder if it feels slimey? 

The Whirly Bird. The line for this ride was the longest among all the rides.  

The Flash. I did not ride this since I get dizzy easily. The Flash goes around 360 degrees and spins!

The Hair Raiser, one of the newest rides in the park. Its a roller coaster where your feet is left dangling. The ride is very fast and last a few minutes only. I found the ride exhilarating and smooth, no sharp turns or bumps.   

Chinese Wedding of the Departed is a haunted house show I think. We were not able to try this out since we ran out of time, hopefully next time.

Overall, we enjoyed our day at Ocean Park. The weather cooperated, being sunny all day despite the weather forecast of rain. We were able to ride almost all of the rides without the long lines. Lines were longer towards the afternoon and we were finish with the rides already by then. This is also why I have few pictures of the rides, we were rushing from one ride to another just to get into the next batch.  

Here is the souvenir I got and it had to be a dolphin :) Another keychain to add to my backpack that I carry while traveling.


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