DIY: Chain Bracelet

I've been seeing lots of DIY chain bracelets using leather cords and decided to make one too. I used an old bracelet that I never wore. It's one of those free gifts you receive for every minimum purchase receipt. I have no idea what the Di stands for but kinda looks like Dior to me! LOL. 

There are only two materials needed, an old bracelet and leather cords

1-3. Since the chains of this bracelet are alternating, simply string one of the cords through the same chain. Blue cord strung into the chain facing sideways and keep going until you reach the end. Make sure you leave at least 3 inches of cord on both ends
4. String the other cord, orange cord, through the chain facing up, keep going until you reach the end. Make sure you leave at least 3 inches of cord on both ends 
5. Make a knot using both cords (blue and orange) against both ends of the chain. One knot is enough but you can always double knot it if you feel it is not enough.
6. This part is optional, I wanted to keep the cords dangling off the wrist so I left about 2 inches and tied a knot on each cord.  

when worn
My "Dior" LOL.
I think updating old items in your closet is a very practical thing to do! There is no need to keep buying new items and throwing the old ones out. The leather cords cost about P20 total which is about $0.50 !

  How do you update your old accessories? :)


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