DIY: Pearly Collar

I bought a peter pan polka-dotted collared top in a sweet pink color and decided to add pearls to the collar. It so happened that I had white pearls on hand that perfectly fit the size of the polka dots. I alternated the pearls and the dots so that the collar does not appear too heavy. I sewed the first two pearls and ended up using hot glue for the rest. Oh heee, yes I cheated.  

White Pearls (so sorry, forgot what size these are)
Before (left) and After (right)
Can you tell which 2 pearls were hand-sewn ? 
The final outcome
 I have seen plenty of people wearing this top in different colors, at least now I can wear mine and stand out from the crowd. Plus the top can be worn without the need of a necklace. You can easily update your old wardrobe just by simply adding new details, such as pearls. This DIY took about less than an hour to complete :)

How about you? How do you use your pearls?


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