Saizen buy: Brush Cleaner

I cleaned my make up brushes today! Its been a while since I last washed it, probably a month ago so it was quite dirty. I used to wash my brushes using baby shampoo since I read that it was an alternative to brush cleaners. However, I did not like the smell it left on my brushes whenever I used it, plus it doesn't thoroughly clean all of the make up off. Brush cleaners tend to be expensive (MAC) which is why I am so happy to have found a much cheaper and effective brush cleaner from Saizen.

Saizen is a Japanese dollar store in the Philippines, only everything costs P88 (almost $2). It is also under the Daiso industries. I love shopping in Saizen because they have really cute stuff! Some may not be the most practical product such as a banana case holder and some may be expensive for the price. It really depends on item. I also like their pet products, my dogs uses their shampoo and comb.  

I bought this brush cleaner a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Every girl needs this! Because dirty make up brushes are full of bacteria and can cause warts or breakouts to your skin. So keep your brushes clean by washing it at least every two weeks-month. 

According to the Label:
Detergent for puff and sponge
      -removes remaining foundation quickly
      -safe cleaner mostly composed of detergent kind to the skin and sponges
      -disinfecting and fragrant-free and contains no pigment
      -apply an appropriate amount to product, wash by hand and rinse thoroughly under      running water

I love this product so much that I recommended it my aunt who loves make-up. She uses high-end make up brands only and I was surprised that she loved this as well. She loved it so much that she hoarded a bunch of it! hahaha! Even though it was marked for puff and sponges, it worked just as well for brushes.

I was not able to take a before pic but just imagine a really dirty foundation-filled brush. I find foundation brushes the hardest to clean and also the one that must be cleaned more often! See how white it is? Looks as good as new, plus there is no strong smell left in the brush. I only had to wash with just a few drops of detergent, a little rub and running water. I also use baby oil to clean the handle of the brush.

Saizen is available at Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Place Manila.


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