First Entry: About My Blog

I wish to share the world my great bargain finds in fashion, beauty, food and travel. 

I have always loved bargain buys! I love the thrill of searching for similar designer items at low prices. Having a limited amount of money to spend, I am always searching for alternatives and replicas of expensive items. So far I think I have managed to make inexpensive items look more than its actual worth. My friends and relatives are always surprised of where I buy my items and how much I got it for. 

This blog will contain the following topics: fashion, beauty, food and travel, occasionally I guess other miscellaneous subjects could be included. My blog may be updated weekly only though since I work on the weekdays and I am always tired by the time I get home. This will be my first time to blog and I hope that I will be able share useful information. 

Stay tuned :)


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